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asian handjob

She wanted to give me a different kind of hand job. She said she would
start with a normal even paced stroke, then with each successive stroke
the speed would gradually slow down with the grip loosening around my
cock. (The grip was just her thumb and first finger wrapping
completely around.) This was just an incredible progression for
sensation. As she was stroking me I was holding her left tit with my
left hand and we were very lightly french kissing. The strokes became
slower, the grip looser. With each stroke the build up of pleasure was
becoming intense. It got to where the strokes were so slow, they were
at super slow motion, almost a stand still. Her grip was so light she
was barely, just barely, brushing the skin of my head and shaft. The
strokes got so slow it would take 3 or 4 minutes for her hand to start
at the tip of the head, stroke down to the balls then back up again.
And every time her fingers would brush past the ring where I’m
circumcised it would be like a micro-orgasm, wildly pleasurable! This
monumental handjob was now well past 25 minutes, with every super-slow
stroke just mind blowing. I could feel that ejaculation was near and
there was no turning back. One more stroke was all I could stand
before I exploded. As soon as her fingers brushed ever-so-
slowly past the rim of the head down to the circumcision ring, I shot.
And this was the most intense/unusual orgasm-ejaculation I’ve ever had.

The first shot was not the usual burst of sperm. Instead, I shot a
sprinkler-style burst of clear liquid, about 50 tiny droplets. The
next shot was a thunderous gob of thick cum, followed by 2 more shots,
an excessive amount of semen all over my stomach and chest. The rest
of the ejaculate ran down my cock like lava from a volcano. My
girlfriend exclaimed…WOW! That was an understatement. Hey, girls
reading this – try this on your boyfriends. They will love you for it!