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asian sexFirst you licked my pussy and then you step back from me and I turn my head to watch you strip
off your clothes. I’m sure I know what’s coming. You are going to
bend me forward and plunge your cock into my cunt. I’m picturing it
and anticipating it, wondering if you are going to tease me by slowly
going in, a quarter inch at a time, or are you going to push into me
all in one stroke? I know that I’m wet enough for you to do that
easily if I concentrate on loosening all my cunt muscles. I slowly
wiggle and shimmy my ass at you, and wink with my eye. If you could
see my crotch right now, you would probably see it winking, too.

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He slid his right hand down her stomach and
into the fur of her crotch. Her mound was hot. She
finally realized she was not alone, but at this point
didn’t care. Sam slid his finger into her cunt and found
himelf wrestling with the two fingers she had jammed
inside her tight box. They stroked in unison as her
sixteen year old orgasm exploded in her body. Her
knees went weak and she collapsed to the floor.
She then turned around to face Sam and couldn’t help
but notice the bulge in his shorts. Without hesitation she
yanked his shorts and underwear to his ankles. Sam was speechless.
“I’ve never done this before,” confessed Clarissa.
“This is the first one I’ve seen.”
“That’s okay, I’m cherry myself.”
Clarissa grabbed his dick by the root with her right
hand as she fondled his balls with her left. She admired
the throbbing member in her hand. It’s veins running
to the base and the large purple head. She stuck out her
tongue and licked the tip. This sent a shiver through Sam.
She then placed the head in her mouth and flicked it with
her tongue repeatedly. Then she licked the underside to
his balls, then back to the tip and shoved the first three
inches into her mouth, followed quickly by the the remaining
five. She began sucking and licking as though she were devouring
a lollipop.