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“That’s incredible! I didn’t know Karen did that kind of stuff! It had to hurt!
I know it would kill me!”, Sonya exclaimed.
“No it won’t,” Karen contradicted, “You’ve just got to relax your cunt and ass
muscles and want to do it. If you do, you can take anything in either hole.”
“I don’t think I could. I haven’t done it too many times. I’d be too tight and
too scared.”, Sonya countered.
“I could fistfuck you by morning with no problems on your part. I would make
you want it.”, was Karen’s rejoinder.
“No way on Earth.”, Sonya flatly denied.”
“I’ll prove it. Lay on your back.” Sonya complied with Karen’s instructions,
looking apprehensivly at Karen. Karen began talking to Sonya in a steady
monotone, telling her how good it would feel to have her pussy stretched, how
she would get Sonya’s fuckhole all wet and juicy, how she would stick her whole
hand in Sonya’s tight pussy and stretch it to fit, and how Sonya would love it
and want to do it again. Karen placed her hands on Sonya’s thighs and began to
massage them as she spoke. Sonya watched Karen and listened to her talk, and
her apprehension began to fade away. I realized that Karen had Sonya
hypnotized, rapt.

Grunts and groans

You sense me watching you and you open your eyes. We speak to
each other without words, declaring our love and passion … then I lift
my mouth to yours and we kiss deeply again as our hips grind together.
We make love slowly and sweetly for a long time, till the feelings
intensify to the point of no return. I draw my knees back as far as possible
(somehow my shorts have slipped off completely) and you straighten your arms,
lifting your torso off of me, focusing the intensity and pressure on our
groins. Our sounds become animal … grunts and groans, gasps, cries … as
the passion increases and the climax approaches.
Suddenly I feel it … the tingling wave of a powerful orgasm …
as it begins to build. I look into your eyes just before I roll my head back,
and …
“OhGawdYes! OhGawdYes! YES! YES! BABY! …”
You thrust harder and harder as I cum, making my climax last as long
as possible … then just as I start to come down I feel your body tense,
and you groan as you explode inside me! Oh yes! I wrap my legs around you
and lift my hips to you, trying to take you deeper into me, as I feel your
cock pulsing with orgasm. Your entire body is tight, your eyes squeezed shut,
your jaw clenched … it seems to last a long time. Gradually you start to
relax … your face, your legs … then you lay yourself down on me and try
to catch your breath.

Let me maintain control

“Unh! Oh shit … you are WICKED!” I say breathlessly as I
grab a fistful of your thick, silky hair. I bite my lip and try to keep
my moans quiet. With my feet still on the ground, I can easily lift
and tilt my hips against your face. You tug my shorts down off my ass
so they’re scrunched up around my hips, allowing more slack at the
crotch. Your right hand pushes my tank top up, exposing my breasts
and my hard, hard nipples and you play back and forth between them.
Then, you focus more attention on my clit, starting to suck and nibble
on it … suddenly thrusting two fingers from your other hand into
my dripping cunt!
“AH!” I cry out, then more softly, “Oh! Mmmm …”
Then I realize you don’t plan to let me maintain control!
You start fucking me vigorously with your fingers, sucking
and rubbing my clit, pinching my nipples harder and harder! I’m
holding my breath, fighting the need to cry out … my eyes are
squeezed so tightly shut, tiny tears start to roll from the corners;
but I can’t resist! With one gasp and a long, deep groan, I let the
flood of ecstasy take over.