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I ran my hand up and
down the vertical bulge that was his rock hard cock, stopping on each
downswing to carefully grab his balls. One of his hands reached down,
and undid something, and half a second later I had incredibly warm
flesh in my hand.

“Pull over,” I said, leaning over to nibble his ear. “I want
that cock of yours in my mouth, and in a minute I don’t think you’ll
be able to drive.” We were beyond city limits now, with no cars in
sight in either direction. Craig pulled onto the shoulder, stopped the
car and leaned his seat as far back as he could. I have a bit of an
oral fetish, and was instantly over on him, taking the two thirds of
his cock that I could down to the back of my throat. One hand squeezed
around those last two inches, tightly holding him upright for my
hungry mouth. I pulled back off him slowly, keeping the suction
steady and swirling my tongue around his shaft as I slid back. Wet
warmth leaked out of me to match the drop of pre-cum that was on the
tip of his spear.

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Asian hairy girlsThe party was one town over, about a half hour’s ride away.
I’d been going nuts with wanting this man all week, and the second we
were in the car I leaned over and kissed him, sliding my tongue into
his mouth. He tasted faintly minty, as his tongue pressed back against
mine. His hand came up under my neck, behind my head, and he pulled
me closer to him for a moment before letting go.

“You look incredible tonight,” he murmured into my ear,
playfully dipping his tongue into it.

“So do you,” I said. “Shall we go? The sooner we get to
the party, the sooner we can decently leave so I can fuck your brains
out. Sex on the phone the other night was fun, but…”

“Right then.” He pulled away from me, drawing his hand across
my breasts as he did so.

The mistake I made is easy to spot, in retrospect. We were just
on the verge of leaving town when I put my hand on his knee. I really
did mean it to be just affectionate, despite how Craig has teased me
since. But his knee was a little far down, and before I realized it my
hand had slid up his thigh, and my fingers brushed against the bulge
under the soft material of his pants. And from there, I really
couldn’t help myself, memories of how good his eight inches had felt
the week before and all. I moved my hand up higher, and gave him a
good, hard squeeze through the cloth. He moaned, just a little, and
leaned back in the seat to give me more access.

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He’d told me to dress formal, and I intended to take that as
far as I could go. I had my last paycheque, and a number of Christmas
present gift certificates, so I went wild at the Boxing Week sales.
I’m not particularly tall, and I fit Reuben’s definition of female
beauty better than I fit Jane Fonda’s. There are definite advantages
to a rounder figure, and I have learned to play them up. Quite
literally, in the case of my breasts, which are double-d cups. I
bought a bustier, which I’d been eyeing for a long time. It did
wonders for my shape, pushing my tits together and up. Looking down
into actual cleavage was just as much of a thrill as looking at it
can be, and the sensation of being bound and held in place was
incredibly exciting. I bought a deep red knit dress to wear over
it. The dress was clingy in a fifties sweater sort of way – it showed
off the shape of my breasts and the roundness of my hips perfectly.
Black lace stockings and a new set of shoes to match the dress
finished off the picture very nicely.
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Karen grabbed a mirror and held it up where Sonya could see her own private
parts, stretched, violated, impaled upon Karen’s hand.

“See, Honey, I told you you could do it!” Sonya took the mirror and stared
dumbfoundedly at it. Karen partially withdrew her hand, then pushed it back in.

“Now comes the fun part!”, Karen pronounced. “Feel it when I move my fingers
around!” With that, Karen began wiggling her fingers and moving her hand around
inside Sonya’s slippery wet fuckhole. Sonya went crazy, thrashing around on the
bed, alternately screaming for Karen to stop, it was too much, or to go deeper.
Finally, Sonya screamed one last time, pulled Karen’s hand one last time, then
went limp.

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“You’re all lubed up and ready to go now. Are you ready for it, Honey?”, Karen
purred. “I’ll give to you when you’re ready.”

“I’m ready, do me!” Sonya replied distantly. Karen started diddling Sonya’s
erect clit, then pushed her fingers into Sonya’s slippery hole, twisting her
hand as she did so. Sonya gasped and drew her knees up, making her cunt open
wider, easier for Karen to ream.

“More, more, go deeper!”, Sonya gasped frantically. Sonya reached between her
legs and grabbed Karen’s wrist, pushing Karen’s hand further into her own hot
cunt. In just moments, Karen’s hand had completely disappeared into Sonya’s
hole. Sonya’s cuntlips were wrapped around Karen’s wrist.

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“Take that bottle out of Karen’s pussy, and stick all your fingers in!”, I
panted to Sonya.

“Are you kidding me?”, Sonya asked in disbelief.

“No, cover your whole hand with K.Y., bunch your fingers together, then push
’em in!”

My dick felt the bottle withdraw, and moments later, the pressure of Sonya’s

“Now push harder!”, I commanded, giving Karen’s nether hole another stroke.

I felt increased pressure on my dick and heard Sonya wail, “My whole hand went
in!” gallons of goo!

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“Oh-h-h-h, that’s good!”, she purred when I began pumping to meet her rythym.
She wrapped her legs around my waist and was pumping as hard as I was. With
each stroke, I would completely withdraw from her hot, tight wetness, then
shove my eager tool back in to the hilt, never missing her voracious target,
always sliding easily in, jamming against the back of her pussy.

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When she had subsided, her legs still spread, I mounted her in the traditional position. I started to position my throbbing pole for a gentle entry, but Sonya
released her tits and spread her cuntlips with one hand and guided my tool to
her sopping wet fuckhole with the other. She was much wetter now than when
Karen diddled her clit, wet enough to fuck.

“Please do it now!”, Sonya pleaded. I began to cautiously insert my dick, and
found that due to her juices, entry was no problem. Sonya groaned like a virgin
as I slid into her hot wetness. When she had taken as much of my ten inch tool
as she could, I still wasn’t all the way in. But she began pumping her hips,
causing the swollen head of my dick to ram against the back of her pussy. She
was as deliciously tight as before, but she must have been stretching, for with
just a few strokes, my balls were slapping against her ass, and I was in to the
hilt. My tenderness and foreplay had paid off.

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I spread her legs and gently ran the tip of my tongue the full length of her slit. When I reached the vicinity of her clit, she reacted as though she had been shocked. She arched her back, pressing her cunt against my face. Maybe she was ready. I probed again with my tongue, harder this time, hard enough to
separate her cuntlips and tickle her clit. She went mad again, jerking and
twitching in response to the touch of my tongue, moaning and panting. Then I
felt her clit harden, her inner lips swell and spread, and her delicious juices
start to flow. Now she was definitely ready for more. I probed her fuckhole
with my tongue, licked all the way up to her clit, swirled it around, bit it
gently, then probed her hole again. When I started doing all this, she went
even wilder. She spread her legs, humped and reared against my face, and pulled
my head tight against her hot cooze.

“Oh-h-h-h-h, fuck me,” she moaned, “I can’t stand it any more! I don’t care if
it does hurt! Please, please fuck me!” I put her throbbing clit between my lips
and gave it one hard suck, drawing it completely into my mouth, and pulled my
head back sharply, causing her clit to pop back. She screamed, thrust her hips
at me, and grabbed her sweating breasts.

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“Just once, with Mike, and he isn’t this big. It hurt then, too!” Sonya sobbed.
“I wanted so bad to do it with Mr. Young because he’s been so nice to me, and I
was so scared when I saw how big he was. Oh, it hurts!”

“You’d better get up then.”, I reassured. “I don’t want to do anything to you
that you don’t want me to do.”

“I want to go on, really I do! But don’t you have anything I could use to make
it easier?”

“Yeah, any vaseline or K.Y. jelly or something like that?”, Karen asked.

“I have some K.Y. jelly in the bathroom.”, I answered. Karen jumped up and
padded into the bathroom. I watched her naked ass jiggle as she left. “You’re
gonna have to get up.”, I told her. I gently lifted up on her ass. She bit her
lip again and moaned as my dick slowly withdrew from her tortured hole. With a
pop from her pussy, a shriek burst from her lips as my dick sprung from her
nearly dry fuckhole. She knelt on the bed next to me, softly crying, clutching
herself where it hurt. I realized that she had been wrong in pretending to be
so eager. A more gentle approach was needed.

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“Give it to her! Now!”, Karen whispered. Sonya’s cunt didn’t look wet or ready to take anything in it yet, but my dick was ready to take some pussy. Karen
reached over and spread the lips to Sonya’s still dry pussy, and began tweaking
her clit. Sonya gasped her surprise at her most private place being touched by
another chick. Within seconds though, her clit and inner pussy lips began to
swell, and her juices started flowing. I slowly lowered Sonya to my rod,
admiring her glistening pinkness. Karen guided my throbbing rod into Sonya’s
wet love hole. “Please, be careful! Ah-h-h-h! Go slow, I’m so tight!” I lowered Sonya very
carefully, for her hot fuckhole was indeed the tightest pussy I had ever felt.
With that in mind, I fought the urge to slam her down on my eager dick. As soon
as she was down, I grabbed her ass and began sliding her back and forth. Sonya
bit her lip as a tear trickled down from one eye.

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I began to draw my hand from Karen’s sopping wet cunt, but she grabbed it and held it tightly to her crotch. I pulled my hand now, and she came with it. I
grabbed her thigh and swung her leg over me, so she was now sitting on my
chest. I pulled my finger from her hungry cunt, grabbed her ass, and pulled her
snatch right up to my face. As soon as I flicked her clit with the tip of my
tongue, she went wild, humping my face, filling my nostrils with the sweet
aroma of her cunt juices. I thought I would give her all the licking she could
handle. I rammed my tongue into her fuckhole with all my might, then gently
nibbled on her clit. Apparently she had a low threshold, as this was all she
could stand.

“Oh God, I’m coming!”, she screamed, ground her cunt into my face one more
time, quivered, then collapsed sideways onto the bed. One down, one to go. I
looked at Sonya, still sucking my dick for all she was worth. I was nearing the
end of my endurance, and I still hadn’t had my dick in any hot cunt yet. I
grabbed Sonya’s shoulders and pulled her mouth from my dick. I turned her
around and held her up, her blonde pubic triangle just inches over my waiting

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I took this cutie asian to see movies in local theatre. On the way home, I told her she should stop over to my place for a bit.She agreed, so we went there.
After we got there, I turned the lights down low, and we sat together for
a minute. Then I asked her if she would do something for me. She had
on a light cotton dress and a shirt that buttoned down the front. I
reached over and unbuttoned the first button. She looked at me, but
didn’t protest. I undid the rest of the buttons, and unhooked her bra.
I removed it, and told her to put her shirt back on. She really didn’t
understand why I did that, but she would learn soon enough. I told
her to stand up, and I reached under her dress and pulled her panties
down. I put them and her bra in the back room, and we sat back down.
“What did you do that for?” she asked. “You’ll see in a minute”, I
said.A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I told her to stay
there, and I went to answer it. I opened it and the guy stood there a
bit nervously, not sure if I was serious. He introduced himself as
Lee. We were in the foyer, out of earshot of Tia if we talked quietly.
I said to him, “you want to see Tia’s body, don’t you?” He said he did.
We both went into the next room, and I told Tia to stand up. She did,
and we moved to face her. She said “I thought you said you didn’t know
him”, but I just said “shhhhh, don’t talk”. I unbuttoned her shirt
again, but didn’t remove it, just let the front hang open a bit. I
took Lee’s right hand, and slid it under her shirt from the front, placing
his hand cupping her breast. Her eyes opened wide in suprise – here
was a guy she had never met fondling her chest. I let him have fun
for a minute, then told him “ok, please stop now”. If Tia had been
white not Asian, she would have been blushing furiously.

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“Now we rest,” she said, her mouth wet against my shoulder.
I let myself drift — as if I could have stopped it — and I
remember, quite clearly, that as I fell asleep with this lovely,
amazing, sweet, depraved woman sprawled atop me, I couldn’t imagine
anything weirder … or more oddly pleasurable.

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June seemed barely conscious, but she parted her legs and
wriggled her hips and her cunt slid onto my cock. If the fact of my
hard-on was surprising, the renewed tightness of her cunt was
downright astonishing.
Prone atop me, her hips barely moving, June pumped my cock
slowly with her cunt. Her eyes opened slightly and she pressed her
lips to my nipple, then raised her head slightly and smiled — at
my expression of amazement, I guess.
“How can you be so tight again?” I whispered.
Her smile broadened — and then her cunt suddenly closed
around my cock. She squeezed, relaxed, squeezed, relaxed — it
almost felt like her cunt was sucking me.
“Do you think you can cum again, my sweet darling?”
“I — I doubt it.”
“I don’t. I am going to make you cum.”
I’m not sure exactly how she did it or even what she did, but
suddenly my cock was pulsating and then I was spurting into her
again. She pressed her pubis down against mine, grinding her
clitoris against me. Her mouth went slack and she gave a soft
little cry of pleasure — and then she collapsed upon me, as limp
as my cock.

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Then the full rush of my ejaculation was on me. I came as if I
was hemorrhaging jism into her sucking mouth. My hand in her cunt
unclenched and I began pulling it out. Her twat was fearsomely
tight, but I pulled anyhow and as June drained the last of what
felt like an endless stream of cum from my cock, my hand slowly
began re-emerging form her cunt.
I rolled away from her slightly, and made a fist of the cunt
filling hand — right there, in the narrowest part of her pussy.
She arched and stiffened, as if electrified, and when I yanked
my clenched fist out of her cunt, she let out a scream that
literally hurt my ears. She screamed a word, clearly and precisely,
but at a volume and pitch that was painful: “DARLING!”

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Ah, yes. Of course. Ice – on my chest (because my back is
against the lounger). You expect me to jump or scream, but I don’t.
I won’t. Instead …
“Mmmm … feels good.”
Actually, it _does_ feel good; the cool, wet ice against my
baking skin. As it melts (quickly) and trickles down my cleavage, I
shade my eyes with my hand to look at you, as though I’m not sure who
you are.
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I can’t believe I have time to relax! I’m sitting here in the sun,
in a tank top and shorts, feeling those nasty ultraviolet rays warming
my skin. Skin cancer? No way! I don’t spend enough time out here to be
at risk. I wonder if I’m even out enough to maintain my vitamin D levels!
Mmmm. It feels so good!
I close my eyes from my book and tilt my face up to the sun.
I can hear you walk up quietly, but I don’t react. What will it
be? I know you well enough to expect a “sneak attack.” Why do guys do
this? (Well, I guess I’m guilty on occasion myself.) Just when I’m
relaxed, reclined, letting the world disappear, somebody insists on
tickling me or dropping ice down my back! With a mental sigh, I brace

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With her face and shoulders and tits
flat on the blanket, she reached back with both hands and pulled
her asscheeks apart. Her cunt lips eked back a fraction of an inch
or so from my hand. She began rolling her hips around and
back, around and back. She pressed against my hand and it required
a good deal of strength to hold my arm in place. But I did.
Slowly, bit by bit, the wider part of my hand was being
engulfed by her cunt. Only the souvenirs of a misspent adolescence
in a bad neighborhood — i.e., knuckles that had been broken more
than once — enabled my hand to accept the compression of her cunt.
My fingers were being squeezed awkwardly and it was beginning to
hurt, but I didn’t care. She was determined and I was going to go
along with it as long as I could — because it was one helluva
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