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Karen grabbed a mirror and held it up where Sonya could see her own private
parts, stretched, violated, impaled upon Karen’s hand.

“See, Honey, I told you you could do it!” Sonya took the mirror and stared
dumbfoundedly at it. Karen partially withdrew her hand, then pushed it back in.

“Now comes the fun part!”, Karen pronounced. “Feel it when I move my fingers
around!” With that, Karen began wiggling her fingers and moving her hand around
inside Sonya’s slippery wet fuckhole. Sonya went crazy, thrashing around on the
bed, alternately screaming for Karen to stop, it was too much, or to go deeper.
Finally, Sonya screamed one last time, pulled Karen’s hand one last time, then
went limp.

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Then the full rush of my ejaculation was on me. I came as if I
was hemorrhaging jism into her sucking mouth. My hand in her cunt
unclenched and I began pulling it out. Her twat was fearsomely
tight, but I pulled anyhow and as June drained the last of what
felt like an endless stream of cum from my cock, my hand slowly
began re-emerging form her cunt.
I rolled away from her slightly, and made a fist of the cunt
filling hand — right there, in the narrowest part of her pussy.
She arched and stiffened, as if electrified, and when I yanked
my clenched fist out of her cunt, she let out a scream that
literally hurt my ears. She screamed a word, clearly and precisely,
but at a volume and pitch that was painful: “DARLING!”

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She was totally out of control, quite berserk. Her lithe,
firm young body gyrated and bucked wildly, her hips pumping as if
it were a nice, reasonable cock in her honey hole — and not a fat,
hard, thick fist. She pulled forward till my entire fist was
spreading even the narrowest part of her cunt — and then rammed
herself back and impaled herself to the limit on it. She did it
again and again, all the time screaming and babbling mad, lusty
gibberish. I reached under to caress her clitoris and when my
finger found the rudely stretched little nubbin, June completely
lost it. Her movements resembled nothing so much as grand mal, a
severe seizure. One leg straightened spastically, and she was on
one knee on the bed, her torso flat to the covers and her hips
cocked and her ass in the air. Her well-stuffed cunt was the only
part of her that wasn’t moving; she shook everywhere else.

Asian Girl Story

The guard closed the spreader to its smallest size, and lightly
lubricated it with some vasiline he had in a jar by the table. She
watched all this. The guard brought it to her cunt, and slowly
inserted it, farther and farther until it was all inside her except
for the end with the screw. He waited a minute until the metal warmed
up to her body temperature. Then, he reached down and gave the screw
four turns. It was already tight to begin with, but this made it all
the tighter. She said “Please, that is far enough”. They waited, and
one of the guards stroked her clit again until she gasped. Then, they
gave the screw a few more turns. This time it became very
uncomfortable as he pussy was spread farther than it had ever been.
They waited a minute for her to get used to this, and the guard
stroked her clit again. Then, a few more turns. Now, the sensation
had turned to pain. She clenched her fists. She asked the guard if
this was enough, and he said, “Miss, we need to do this the best we
can. We will have to push you to your limit, to the point where your
pleasure and pain become one. Then, we will examine your vagina.
Don’t worry, you will not be injured.”

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One thing about Kei’s breasts is that they are firm, don’t sag at all,
and they are very well defined. Some girls’ breasts just sort of fade
into the rest of their chest, but not her’s. There is a sharp angle
between her breasts and rest of her chest, making them appear to stand
out more. And, this shape makes for a good handful. This guard put his
thumb under her breast, his other fingers on top, and started to squeeze
her tit roughly. She gasped. The way he was squeezing it made her
breast thin in the middle and part of it stick out from the front of his
fingers. He then said to one of the other guards, “check her nipple”.

Oriental Girl Medical Examination

This story is about a young oriental girl from a small country in
southeast Asia. Her name is Kei, and she is 24 years old. I
have known Kei for 2 years.

First, I will tell you about Kei. Kei is a very shy and modest
girl, probably the most modest I know. In the 2 years I have
known her, she has never worn anything that would reveal more
than her hands and face. She is also devestatingly beautful.
She is small, around 5″4, slight build, and has beautiful dark
brown skin, similar to a white girl who has gotten a verrrry deep
tan. Continue reading Oriental Girl Medical Examination