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I took care of the one by licking it off, and the
other by sliding my free hand under my dress and pulling my new
stockings and my panties down. The car was heated, but not that warm,
and the cool air against my wet slit was a delightful feeling. I slid
my finger into my hole to wet it, and started to stroke myself in
time with my up and down motions over Craig’s bulging dick.
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I moved slowly over him, sliding him to the back of my throat
and memorizing the feel of every vein with my tongue. I started to
move my hand up and down over him, keeping my fingers as tightly
wrapped around him as I could. My own orgasm was perilously close
as I wiggled my finger faster. My nipples were hard from the cool
air of the car, and as my head and shoulders moved they rubbed
against the top support of the bustier. The feeling was exquisite
and as more pre-cum leaked out into my mouth I came with incredible
intensity. I started to pull back off his cock as I began to moan,
but Craig’s hand was instantly there, and he pushed me back onto his
dick, farther than I would have gone naturally, forcing it into the
back of my throat. I gagged a little, but my pain tolerance was up
as my body continued to shake from my orgasm, and I was still moaning
as I felt him tense below me. I squeezed the base of his cock harder
as I felt the main vein of his penis pulse a half second before my
mouth was filled with warm, creamy cum.

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I don’t normally wear make-up, but that outfit needed every-
thing to be dressed up. Not to mention that I wanted to knock Craig
flat on his back. He’d never seen me in anything but jeans or that
lumpy Mrs. Claus costume, and I wanted to look as good as I could for
him. When he came to pick me up, I knew I’d done well.

“Judy!” he exclaimed, when I answered the door to my apartment,
“You look…intensely good.” He didn’t look bad himself, in a tux
that fit too well to be a rental. I was impressed. I went to stick
my head in the living room to tell my roommate, Laura, that I was off,
but she and her girlfriend were involved in a heavy necking session
on the couch already, so we just left.

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I began to draw my hand from Karen’s sopping wet cunt, but she grabbed it and held it tightly to her crotch. I pulled my hand now, and she came with it. I
grabbed her thigh and swung her leg over me, so she was now sitting on my
chest. I pulled my finger from her hungry cunt, grabbed her ass, and pulled her
snatch right up to my face. As soon as I flicked her clit with the tip of my
tongue, she went wild, humping my face, filling my nostrils with the sweet
aroma of her cunt juices. I thought I would give her all the licking she could
handle. I rammed my tongue into her fuckhole with all my might, then gently
nibbled on her clit. Apparently she had a low threshold, as this was all she
could stand.

“Oh God, I’m coming!”, she screamed, ground her cunt into my face one more
time, quivered, then collapsed sideways onto the bed. One down, one to go. I
looked at Sonya, still sucking my dick for all she was worth. I was nearing the
end of my endurance, and I still hadn’t had my dick in any hot cunt yet. I
grabbed Sonya’s shoulders and pulled her mouth from my dick. I turned her
around and held her up, her blonde pubic triangle just inches over my waiting

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asian pornasian slut And all the time, her legs widespread and now bent slightly at
the knees, her hips were moving – back-forth, back-forth.
Her eyes opened. They were glassy. She looked almost drugged.
Slowly, she focused on my face.
“Nothing … has ever … been so … good … ” she breathed.
“I can’t stop cumming …. ”
My balls were beginning to throb with the prolonged arousal.
She reached for my cock in slow motion. Her hand rested lightly on
it, fell back to the bed, then again reached for it. She grabbed it
and pulled.

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“Hmph! You _like_ having ice on your skin?”
I nod as you reach into the tumbler of iced tea you’re holding
and fish out another piece of ice. I can feel my crotch start to warm
with anticipation. Playing the game, though, I try to change the
“So, how was your ride? How far did you get?” I ask as you begin
tracing the top curve of my breasts above the fabric with the ice.
“Not more than 10 or 12 miles. Dave’s bike got a flat and we didn’t
have a spare.” You have some trouble keeping your voice even as your eyes
watch my breasts twitch from the cold. My top is now soaked down to
my nipples and the cloth clings tightly to my skin. Another breeze
passes and a delicious shiver runs through me, so I lay back to steady
myself, not really meaning to pull away from your hand.
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A contradiction

“BRR! Now I’m cold!” I fib, scowling, but enjoying your pleasure
to my body’s reactions. I sit up, placing my feet on either side of the
lounger to rise, but you sit near the foot of the chair, sideways to me,
placing your hand on my bare thigh to keep me seated.
I watch your face, your eyes, as you appraise me – my tank top
rolled up to my breasts, my cut-off jeans unzipped and opened to allow
the sun to touch as much of me as possible without actually digging out
a bikini. These are my SHORT shorts. I don’t wear them in public.
Sitting as I am, I know without looking that my bush is quite visible
between my thighs, the denim hiding only the pinkness of my sex. I
never wear panties with these shorts – that would be a contradiction!
This is the first time you’ve seen them.

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