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I don’t normally wear make-up, but that outfit needed every-
thing to be dressed up. Not to mention that I wanted to knock Craig
flat on his back. He’d never seen me in anything but jeans or that
lumpy Mrs. Claus costume, and I wanted to look as good as I could for
him. When he came to pick me up, I knew I’d done well.

“Judy!” he exclaimed, when I answered the door to my apartment,
“You look…intensely good.” He didn’t look bad himself, in a tux
that fit too well to be a rental. I was impressed. I went to stick
my head in the living room to tell my roommate, Laura, that I was off,
but she and her girlfriend were involved in a heavy necking session
on the couch already, so we just left.

Asian lesbo strapon orgy

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Quiet when Im cumming

I reach for your shirt to pull you to me, wanting to beg
you to take me in the house and fuck me; but you pull back and I
look to find you moving yourself down to lie across the foot of the
lounger. What are you going to do? You position your chest on the
chair, and reach up with your hand to pull me closer to your face!
Oh god! Are you going to eat me out here??
“What are you doing?” I can barely whisper. “Let’s go
inside, okay?”
You shake your head and your lips form “no” … and then
you pull aside the thin denim hiding my sex, and your mouth comes
down hard on me.
“Hhhuunnhh! Oh god, I can’t believe you’re doing this!”
I look around the yard to see if any of the neighbors can see,
but I know there’s a six foot privacy fence, and strategically planted
trees to prohibit viewing. But, my god, I have an awful hard time
being quiet when I’m cumming! What do you want me to do? Die of the
anxiety of being quiet, or make the neighbors think they should call 911??
“Oh no! Baby! Please, let’s go inside! Mmmmm … please!”
Your only response is to reach a hand up under my skimpy top
and start pinching my nipple! Flashes of heat and electricity flare
through me! That’s it … I don’t care now! Oh god … let ’em call
the fire department!

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